" Belgium exists? Coulda sworn it was an urban legend." - Sharaz

"Theres something about dick that just really turn me on" - Xaladin

"Niggas is _____/_____ is niggas" - Ranmyaku Jouten

"If Jouten is God, then I hate god" - Kurtis

" It ain't gay unless dicks are touching." -Tomas

"I love giving BJs." - Lamar

"Hey man, I'm smart. I'm Asian for a reason." - Dylan

"If he pretty and he got a pussy, I'll give him the D" - Ranmyaku Jouten

"No Limits just restrictions" - Sharaz

"NIGGA I got Jesus" - Lamar "Sam Hank" Henderson

When there is light there is shadow-Anthony Stone <-------Fuck this guy

"I want a house built of ass" - Sharaz

"I stay true to dem cheeks" - Sharaz

"If I was a ONE PIECE pirate my Jolly Rodger will be full of booty"- Sharaz