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Sam Hank, otherwise known as the alter ego of Lamar Henderson, was once a member of the nice guy association and now is a king among the YTAC. Once a jay room fodder, Sam trainned days on in perfecting his swagbucks career, but he began to sense there was a bigger purpose for his brand of nice guy brand of comedy. He deleted his multiple BBW online dating accounts and began his research into youtubing skills. After recieving the divine dick of Jouten, Lamar became Sam Hank and took his blessing and $600 to some vindictive woman's house and wasted it washing dishes and getting no cheeks. He has now gained the power of warping the level of intellegence of any living organism around him, while also gainning the ability to communicate using high pitch verbal audio technology that he has aquired from his father. Lamar has been know to have a mental state of a dying cockroach that has been peed on.