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The Jay Room also known as The Japanese Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Room.

The current member count is 940+

The JAY Room Wiki

Fuckery at it's finest

The Jay Room
is a Facebook group where people can freely talk about anything. Re-occuring fuckery is the main theme within the group.

Fuckery is a derivative of the word fuck. Absolute bullshit; utter nonsense; something rather suspicious that can bring forth uneasy, angry, or irritated feelings. The stunt pulled by people who don't know how to tell the truth or enjoy messing with people's heads as a hobby.

In addition, anime discussions, arguments and shameless Youtube promotions are also frequent.

The jay room

The very first banner of The JAY Room group.

What do we do?

Definitely not your average everyday fuckery. Our associates are well trained in the arts of advanced fuckery, many with PHD's in fuckology, & dehydration.