Arc Protagonist: Alex

The point in time when a member of the Jay Room started to crave Nunnally and started spamming the Facebook group with pictures of the little sister of the masked man from Code Geass.

Preferred Anime ChickEdit

When asked what anime chick he preferred the member in question stated that he prefferred Nunnally from the hit anime Code Geass. Not taken back by the comments made by others of how she is a handicapped girl who is paralyzed from the waste down and will not be able to scream his name, he continued to crave what he thought to be his preferred anime chick.

Introduction to LolisEdit

His view changed the day another member, by the name of Ray, introduced him to genre of lolis. He decided that he didn't just want to be with Nunally but with multiple other Lolis from other animes as well.

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