Jimsnerdnation Exposed??!! Taking Credit for Others' Work???-001:14

Jimsnerdnation Exposed??!! Taking Credit for Others' Work???-0

Actual footage of the exposure

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JimsNerdNation and his disciple, Orbai

The Ultimate Pirate Arc (Also known as the Jim Exposure Arc) details the events of an exposed art raid by YouTube anime/manga reviewer JimsNerdNation, the user of the Swipe Swipe no Mi.

JimsNerdNation's Secrets Unfold

A YouTube Video titled Jimsnerdnation Exposed??!! Taking Credit for Others' Work??? was leaked to the public, and Joe Zoro promptly brought it to the attention of the Jay Room, who were completely unprepared by the shocking images and commentary. The video revealing a fan art image of One Piece character Kalifa was shown at the end of one of the many JimsNerdNation Hunter X Hunter 2011 episode reviews. However, the image was conveniently traced back to an exact copy in DeviantArt drawn by an artist who wasn't Jim, deeming the YouTuber's art to be a complete rip off.

Search For The Artwork

Once they observed the controversial video, members of the Jay Room, lead by Charles Mapira, began collecting and searching every piece of art work reserved in the JimsNerdNation Fanpage, revealing that every single piece was stolen from various websites in the internet, including DeviantArt. More can be found here

JimsNerdNation The Movie: Plagiarism At Its Finest (Fake Artist)

Youtube Anime/Manga Reviewer Xaladin Palintir recently directed and starred in the first ever live action movie depicting the events that have escalated in Jim's art career. The film will premiere in cinemas uh eh.....half an hour ago

JimsNerdNation The Movie Plagiarism At Its Finest03:54

JimsNerdNation The Movie Plagiarism At Its Finest

Live action movie reliving the events of Jim

Peanut butter jelly time by ggrock70-d4fixty

The Swipe Swipe no Mi, the devil fruit ingested by Jim granting him the power to steal shit

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